Vinyl of the Month – The Partridge Family Album by The Partridge Family

Before there was my undying fandom that is KISS, before Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and many other rock and metal bands that I now listen to (that includes Slipknot), there was The Partridge Family. Well actually there was the Monkees and the Banana Splits, but I never owned their albums until much later.

I bought 45s as a kid and I owned a number of Partridge Family 45s before their album. I still have those 45’s and the song I Think I Love You was and still is a favorite. And of course I was glued to the TV whenever the show came on. It ran for 4 seasons (1970-1974) but I only watched the first two before my family moved from St. Louis Missouri to the island of Puerto Rico where there was no ABC, NBC or CBS, at least not in English.

When I got the chance I bought The Partridge Family Album (released 1970). I bought both their albums actually. The second one being called Up to Date (released 1971). Sadly, I only have the first still in my possession, I think I donated the second album in a rash decision to burn disco albums. I didn’t own any disco albums (Buddha forbid at the time) so I sacrificed Up to Date.

The Partridge Family Album always elicits fond memories of the two years spent in St. Louis. Days of traipsing to school in the snow, playing street hockey and trying to ice skate on frozen ponds. My parents bought me hockey skates BUT being from Mississippi they had no clue the skates needed sharpening. I had a helluva time trying to skate. Many, many years later as an adult I got skates, got them sharpened correctly and played in adult hockey leagues for years.

But I digress and keep jumping down history holes. So many memories listening to The Partridge Family Album that I chose it as this month’s Vinyl of the Month. Were you a Partridge Family fan?

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