Vinyl of the Month – Sad Wings of Destiny by Judas Priest

Withe the recent induction of Judas Priest into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (finally) I thought it time to highlight a Priest album for Vinyl of the Month. I, thankfully, still have my original copy of Sad Wings of Destiny album purchased in 1977.

Sad Wings was the 2nd album by rock group Judas Priest released in March 19786. As I said I didn’t discover the Priest until 1977 after a listen to the Sin After Sin album and attending a Foghat concert where JP was the opening band. Back then they were a rock group, no mention of being a Metal group. That would come later with the released of British Steel and cemented with Screaming for Vengeance.

I have fond memories of this album and can play on guitar many of the songs. My band back then played half the album with Victim of Changes being an epic song in our set. Believe it or not, I could sing like Rob Halford. Alas those days are gone.

For bringing back many, many fond memories of band camaraderie and a simpler time, I recommend Sad Wings of Destiny by Judas Priest.

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Birthday Month Top 5 – Wishes

  1. I wish health and debt free prosperity for my family and friends, big wish.
  2. I wish I had gone in a creative job direction in music or writing
  3. I wish my Dad was still alive
  4. I wish Dennis was still alive. We’d be playing our acoustic guitar set somewhere
  5. I wish I could retire from my current job and do something fun and less stressful. There are many days I feel like a tool/peon to enrich the bonuses of other people.

Extra wish – I wish my recording studio business (or any of my hobbies) would be successful so I could do #5

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Birthday Month Top 5 – Things I don’t like about myself

  1. I drive too fast – I have no patience for slow ass effers trying to text and drive. Or driving 5 miles under the speed limit. I just want to get from point A to point B ASAP. I hate driving.
  2. I cuss… a lot. Mostly at work, but when I get agitated or frustrated the F-bomb comes out anywhere. I’m sorry.
  3. I have no patience. I hate slow drivers, ignorant people or waiting in line for anything.
  4. I stress eat. I pretty much eat when I am stressed or bored. So when I come home from work stressed from the drive or work, food and the TV are comforting. It’s hard to lose weight.
  5. I’m an introvert. Shy. Whatever you want to call it. Never been comfortable around social situations or crowds. Many people think I’m no fun or a jerk because of this. I don’t like happy hours or making small talk. I get pressure at work to be outgoing and attend happy hours and after hours social gatherings. Very uncomfortable.
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Birthday Month Top 5 – Hobbies

My Hobbies (or things that work gets in the way of)

  1. Reading and collecting comics – I buy them monthly, both hard copy (or floppy as they are called sometimes) and digital copies. I’ve read the complete original volume 1 digital series of Captain America, Fantastic four, X-Men, Amazing Spider-Man, Avengers and many others. Digital comics allow you to read all those old 1960s issues without paying an arm and a leg. Just $1.99 to read Amazing Spider-Man #1.
  2. playing and recording music – I’ve been playing a lot of acoustic guitar lately, I just bought a looper to help with that, maybe I’ll play live somewhere, like a coffee house or such. I’ve not done any recording lately but I have all the equipment you could need to do that. I’ve got guitars, Basses, an electronic drum kit, a couple of keyboards, microphones, etc. Want to record an album? Come on over.
  3. writing – comic book scripts at the moment but I have a number novel ideas. I wish I could draw, I’d have many, many comic books available through self-publishing. I have created a small comic strip based on where I work. It’s something myself and a guy that works for me do to entertain ourselves and get a giggle.
  4. photography – at the moment Toy Photography is something I am pursuing, but I do have equipment to set up my own home studio and do portrait photography. Need a school photo session? I can do green screen too and put you somewhere else.
  5. Vinyl Music Albums – I buy nothing but vinyl records these days. It brings back great memories of listening to the record while actually holding a tangible cover with pictures and reading the inner sleeve. I am rebuilding the righteous collection I had at one time (the first Led Zeppelin album from 1969 sadly is gone along with original Grand Funk and KISS albums). Anyone got any old vinyl albums you don’t want? I’m interested.
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Birthday Month top 5 – Writers

This is My highly recommended Top 5 favorite authors and one extra mention.

  • Brad Meltzer – pretty much anything he writes I will read, including his dabbling in comic books.
  • David Wellington – His Monster Trilogy series about Zombies is a great read, His Laura Caxton Vampire series also a great series to read and two book Werewolf series is engrossing.  Great horror author.
  • Wesley Chu – The Book of Tao series about alien symbiotic possession is a great trilogy story
  • Jonathan Maberry – I started with Patient Zero (the Joe Ledger series) and read all 10 or 11 books in the series, and then expanded to some of his other stuff including his dabbling in comic books.  Great horror writer.
  • Brad Thor – his whole Scot Harvath spy genre series is just one continuous living of the life of Scot Harvath.  Non-stop action.

Honorable Mention:

Stephen King – read the whole Dark Tower series, last thing I read was 11/22/63 which was turned into a Netflix series.

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Birthday Month Top 5 – Sports I Watch on TV or in Person

These are my top 5 sports I like to watch on TV or in person. If I’m flipping through channels and I come across any of these, I will stop and watch.

  1. Supercross/Motocross – being a dirt bike rider for years, I watched Supercross/motocross religiously every year and attended a number of Supercross events in Dallas.  But since the pandemic things got out of sync and I’ve missed the last two years.
  2. Football – playing Fantasy Football has really expanded my desire to watch football, otherwise I would just watch the Cowboys.  Been to all of 4 (i think) Dallas Cowboy games in the 37 years I’ve lived in the Metroplex.
  3. Golf – many years ago I played golf a lot, and attended many of the big tournaments every year in the Dallas area.  Many times to the Byron Nelson, once to watch the Senior tour.  So I enjoy watching golf.
  4. Hockey – especially playoff hockey is fun to watch, but I mainly focus on the Stars.  If they don’t make the playoffs then I’m done watching hockey.
  5. Drag Racing – since i was a kid in 6th grade and found Hot Rod magazine in our school library I’ve been fascinated with dragsters. would you believe I’ve never been to a drag race?
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Birthday Month Top 5 – Fast Food

My Top 5 favorite fast food joints.

  1. Taco Bell – grew up eating at the Bell. We initially had one choice in Killeen – Mission Taco – until Taco Bell moved in. Mission Taco is still in Killeen competing. You could get 4 bean burritos for $1. But Taco Bell expanded our palette. Sadly there is no Mission Taco in Dallas.
  2. Taco Bueno – totally different taste in their tacos and burritos and, honestly, Bueno seems healthier than the Bell.
  3. Dairy Queen – haven’t eaten here in awhile (because nearest one is a slight drive) but its good stuff, I would kill for an unhealthy Peanut Buster Parfait right now. I don’t consider this fast food.
  4. Long John Silvers – we usually eat at LJS twice a year. That’s about all the cleansing my body can take. But I remember eating at LJS as a kid/teen and I love their chicken planks.
  5. Charley’s Cheesesteaks – in most malls you’ll find a Charley’s. There is one in the mall near where I work. Sadly we don’t have any indoor malls near where we live. So we usually eat at Charley’s in the Hattiesburg mall. Their Ultimate Fries are the best.
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Birthday Month Top 5 – Favorite Restaurants that are closed or no longer in our area

These are 7 favorite restaurants that are no longer open or the restaurant chain has closed in our area.

  1. Steak and Ale – our go to anniversary place, every year we would go have steak
  2. Judge Roy Bean – possibly the first (besides Chien Garden) restaurant we ate when we moved to Dallas.  Their chili burger was excellent and the ambience was true Texas.
  3. Panchos – If you’ve never raised the flag for seconds you don’t know what you’re missing.  There are two Panchos apparently still open in DFW but they are quite a ways away from us so they are on my list.. Many people abhor this place but I loved the food.  Just don’t plan any activity after eating there.  You will need a rest room.
  4. Tia’s Tex-Mex (the original) – we ate dinner here every Monday with the boys (Jonathan Tanner Cody)  It was a family routine until the franchise closed.
  5. Fuddruckers – this was our go-to burger place for me and work buddies.  You built your own burger, their onion rings were some of the best.  Just a great place.  Now they are just an online order and pick up place for pre-made burgers.
  6. Bonanza/Ponderosa – growing up, EVERY Sunday after church we would eat at Ponderosa in St. Louis MO or Bonanza in Killeen TX.  Mom, Dad and my three brothers.  I loved the steak and fried shrimp and always got a chocolate cream pie.  No longer here in Texas.
  7. Joe’s Crab Shack – Without Tia’s around we started eating dinner as a family here on Mondays.  The place had an outdoor playground and we would sit outside and eat and watch the kids play.  Good times.  They are still around, just not around us.
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Birthday Month Top 5 – Favorite Restaurants Currently Open

These are my Top 5 favorite restaurants that are currently open. These are places that, if I was asked, I would say yes to immediately.

I thought I would throw this Top 5 in now because my top Chinese place – Chien Garden – is sadly closing on 10/30/2022 due to landlord and rent going up ridiculously high.

  • Chien Garden – the first Chinese restaurant that I ate at when I got my job in Dallas in 1985.  Sadly they are closing this coming weekend for good.  This restaurant has been in the same location with same family running since at least 1985 when I ate lunch there for the first time. No one does better hot & sour soup, fried shrimp in garlic sauce or egg rolls.
  • Ed’s Burger Joint – we eat here every time we go to Hattiesburg. Great burgers, great atmosphere, haven’t tried the shakes or appetizers… yet.
  • On the Border – When Tia’s closed (a family favorite Tex-Mex place), we had to look elsewhere for our Tex-Mex fix and OTB is pretty similar. I always get the Classic Burrito (beef) with Queso all over. Hmmmm. IT was my Birthday dinner this year.
  • Chili’s – we eat here usually once a week, we order take out. I like the original Chicken Crispers and their Chicken Fajitas.
  • Olive Garden – I like it but damn has it gotten expensive. I love the Tour of Italy
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Birthday Month Top 5 – Sports Teams I Support

These are the sports team I support. Some are obvious based on where I live, others are from childhood.

  • Dallas Stars – hockey, home team, nuff said
  • St Louis Blues – while in St. Louis I learned of this sport called hockey and I was hooked.  I became a Blues fan and attended a practice session but never a game, but watched it on TV.
  • St. Louis Cardinals – the football team. Dad took me to my first live football game on my birthday (1970) in Busch Stadium to watch the Cardinals football team.  QB Jim Hart was my fave.
  • Dallas Cowboys – growing up I hated this team, hated them.  America’s Team?  Hah!  But after that 1989 season of 1-15 and a bit of humility, I became a fan.
  • New Orleans Saints – being from Mississippi, I grew up a Saints fan initially.  Archie Manning baby, until we moved to St. Louis.
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