Birthday Month Top 5 – Fast Food

My Top 5 favorite fast food joints.

  1. Taco Bell – grew up eating at the Bell. We initially had one choice in Killeen – Mission Taco – until Taco Bell moved in. Mission Taco is still in Killeen competing. You could get 4 bean burritos for $1. But Taco Bell expanded our palette. Sadly there is no Mission Taco in Dallas.
  2. Taco Bueno – totally different taste in their tacos and burritos and, honestly, Bueno seems healthier than the Bell.
  3. Dairy Queen – haven’t eaten here in awhile (because nearest one is a slight drive) but its good stuff, I would kill for an unhealthy Peanut Buster Parfait right now. I don’t consider this fast food.
  4. Long John Silvers – we usually eat at LJS twice a year. That’s about all the cleansing my body can take. But I remember eating at LJS as a kid/teen and I love their chicken planks.
  5. Charley’s Cheesesteaks – in most malls you’ll find a Charley’s. There is one in the mall near where I work. Sadly we don’t have any indoor malls near where we live. So we usually eat at Charley’s in the Hattiesburg mall. Their Ultimate Fries are the best.
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