Where the hell have I been? I get emails occasionally of people finding this site and actually liking some of the posts. Wow! So I thought maybe its time to get back on this horse and giddy up.

Why the break? Well if you read my January 1, 2021 posting you’d know that we had a second COVID hit (my middle son was really sick in April 2020). This time I got sick but did I really? I must have, because I had a flu shot back in October right? Anyway I never had a fever, just achy, some shortness of breath. I continued to work from home so can I call that sick? We survived but it was a week of congestion, aches etc.

Then two weeks later I screwed my back up. I was hunched over for a week while my body slowly repaired itself through ice/heat and over the counter back medicine.

So January pretty much sucked.

In February Snowmageddon hit. I live in the Dallas metroplex. We were without electricity on and off for a few days. I was fairly lucky compared to others. We would have electricity for an hour then none for 6-7 hours or in one case overnight. It sucked. We had to huddle in front of our gas fireplace to keep warm, the house temperature dropped to around 40 degrees. Our houses are not made for extended freezing temps. Luckily we only had damage to our swimming pool pipes due to that overnight lack of electricity. A few hundred dollars for us. Our house went unscathed but then we were dripping water constantly. So February was freezing suck fest.

March has been work. And here we are in April already. A years worth of pandemic under our belt. Who would’ve thought that we’d still be wearing masks and pointing fingers at those who don’t. Are you a masker or unmasker?

Circle Circle Dot Dot, I got my cootie shot. My first dose of Pfizer was received on Sunday, March 28, at a WalMart. No initial reaction but 24 hours later on Monday I had the same reaction as the flu shot. Had a low grade fever and a few aches. By Tuesday morning I was fine. My arm hurt for 4 days. Felt like someone hauled off and punched the shit out of it. Not looking forward to the second dose.

I guess I should update my Omada status as most folks who find this site are health related folks. As of this morning, which I think has been 27 weeks, I have lost 20 lbs. I hit my initial goal a long time ago so I set a new goal. The lessons continue and I learn things that I rarely put into practice. Sorry Omada coach. Comes down to calories in vs calories burned. I have my good days and I have my bad days. Weekdays are pretty easy to maintain but weekends are made for pizza and junk food. I’ll keep after it and see if I can’t get lower.

So I guess I’m back. Plan to do more posting. I promise. Really. I will.

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