Been on my mind since the election

I gotta get something off my mind. It’s been stuck there since the election and I just want to get it out.

I didn’t really vote for Trump. I couldn’t bring myself to actually fill in the circle next to his name (we have forms where you fill in circle with a sharpie like you used to do when taking those special exams in grade school). Instead, I voted straight Republican. I didn’t feel like he was right for the job.  so he got my vote as a by product of my Republican thinking.  Yes I’m a Republican but that’s a whole another posting or discussion.

I couldn’t bring myself to vote for Hillary either. I just couldn’t. She had this air of entitlement that rubbed me the wrong way. A smugness that I couldn’t get past. Plus there were too many questions about her integrity. I didn’t want Status Quo in D.C. anymore either. And probably the biggest reason was her supporters, especially the news networks, who said she had it in the bag. All those worthless talking heads on the 24 hour news networks. God I hate those people. Get a real job! It was so enjoyable on election night to watch these anal-ist see there chosen candidate go down the tubes. Oh it was priceless. They were dumb founded. Wow could this be? It’s the apocalypse. Whine, whine.

Funny thing is eight years ago I would’ve voted for Hillary.

The days after the Hillary loss were extremely amusing. All these people demonstrating. All the whining on Facebook and Twitter. Get over it. Support the President. Be an american.

I didn’t say stop complaining or fully accept Trump. God knows I’ve questioned some of his recent decisions just like I did with Obama or the Bush tandem. I definitely wish he’d stop the whole tweeting shit and act more like a President and less like a spoiled kid not getting his way. He’s pretty transparent in that respect. But he’s the President and there is a reason we have a congress and a supreme court – to offset any stupidity or shenanigans he may try or cause.

So that’s what’s been on my mind. I did but didn’t vote for Trump.  He’s shaking shit up in D.C. which is what I wanted to see. He’s pissing off the news networks which I’m loving.  We’ll see how things turn out.  In the 8 years Obama was in office I’ve had to pay 30% more out of pocket for my health insurance.  Other than that he’s had very little affect on my life.

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