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Birthday Month Top 5 – Hobbies

My Hobbies (or things that work gets in the way of)

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Well, what next?

So, now that my 30 days of drawing adventure has come to an end, I’ve been racking my brain wondering what to try next. What could I do during the month of February? What could I do for 28 days? … Continue reading

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I’m Baaaack…. sort of

Keeping up a blog is tough work when you have a day job and your life is somewhat predictable and boring. Let’s try this again. I’ve been working on my toy photography (another hobby, see my other post on hobbies). … Continue reading

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Are you a hobby hopper?

I must confess. I am a hobby hopper. What’s that? It’s a person who has many hobbies that focuses on one for a period of time and then loses interest and moves on to another of his/her hobbies. The reason … Continue reading

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