Birthday Month Top 5 – Vacation Spots

These are my favorite spots to vacation both past and present. Some of these places we haven’t been to in 5+ years.

  • Breckinridge CO – we used to go once a year skiing. It was awesome. Those trips are now only memories. I loved snow skiing, but physical health and the soaring prices have stopped even the thought of that now.
  • Destin FL – only been here once with the complete family and it was glorious. The sand is like sugar, the water is crystal clear, and crab island… but the crowds 😦
  • Casa Ferd/Ferdlandia – Every summer we thank Buddha we put in a swimming pool in our backyard. And every winter we curse the fact we have a swimming pool. Nothing beats lounging in the pool with some adult kool-aid.
  • Mom’s house in Hattiesburg MS – Hattiesburg in general is just a great escape from Dallas. Slowing down and reading a book, maybe hitting a casino, its comfort
  • Ft Meyers FL – sadly the hurricane did a number on it, but when Cody played select baseball we spent many a week each year in Ft Meyers and we enjoyed eating out on Sanibel Island and hanging out at the beach
Breckenridge CO
Destin FL
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Birthday Month Top 5 – Cars

Not much to say about this one. I no longer own this car but it was a blast to drive. I love my Ram 1500 Lone Star edition with a hemi but I could go for another Mustang.

  1. Mustang – nuff said
My mustang
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Birthday Month Top 5 – Cartoon Shows

Tonight I present my Top 5 favorite cartoon shows. This will be an all time favorite list whether presently on TV and not.

  • Teen Titans Go! – Jamie loves it but there is so much more adult humor that kids miss.  Funny stuff.
  • Harley Quinn – very funny sh!t.  NOT FOR KIDS.  Takes the DC Universe and lets characters talk like adults.  So there is a lot of F-bombs, sexual content. 
  • SpongeBob Squarepants – I was a SS fan before anyone knew who SS was.
  • Batman the Animated Series – Used to watch this religiously with Jonathan and of course he had all the associated toys.
  • Beavis and Butthead – heh heh, I am Cornholio.  I need T.P. for my bunghole.  Funny stuff back when MTV played music videos.
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Birthday Month Top 5 – Comic Book Artists

If you know me you know I collect comics. And I’ve been collecting for a long time. Over the years I’ve come to have favorite artist. Below are my Top 5 and the reason why.

  1. Alex Ross – anything he draws or paints cause his stuff is damn close to reality.
  2. Sal Buscema – Captain America run with Steve Englehart writing (1972-1975) was the best seller and my first endeavor into reading comics.
  3. John Romita (senior) – his Amazing Spider-Man took a gangly, wimpy Steve Ditko version and beefed him up.
  4. Jim Starlin – his Captain Marvel is the definitive Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell), he also was the creator of Thanos. He has his creator owned Dreadstar comic as well
  5. John Byrne – he drew the Fantastic Four as normal body proportions (except for the Thing) and he created Alpha Flight (the Canadian X-Men), he also wrote and drew the She-Hulk comics that the Disney show is based on.
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Birthday Month Top 5 – Comic Book Characters

Today I’d like to share my Top 5 favorite comic book characters. I’ve been reading comics for a long time. As a kid (6th grade) I was reading Captain America and Spider-Man regularly. Sadly those comics ended up at the thrift store on base. But in 1982 I started collecting seriously and have been buying comics monthly since then. I’ve got almost 17,000 comics as of this post. Fun Fact: new comics are released in comic stores every week on Wednesday.

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Birthday Month Top 5 – YouTube Channels

I watch a lot of YouTube, I won’t lie. These are my 5 favorite YouTube channels. There are more, but these 5 I make point to watch.

  1. Dome Life – this channel got us back into camping. Been following them for a number of years.
  2. It’s a Southern Thing – funny skits about the South, and pretty accurate.
  3. Life Uncontained – been following from the beginning for a few years now. They now have 2 kids and a complete house made from shipping containers.
  4. The Clark Family Creative – this family started learning songs during the pandemic and posting them playing, and they’ve been doing it for a couple of years now. Been on the Ellen show.
  5. The Texas Bucket List – driving around Texas finding awesome places to eat and showing Texas cultural stops.

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Birthday Month Top 5 – Alcoholic Beverages

I’m not much of a drinker, to be honest, but when I do here is my Top 5 in order of preference.

  • Seagram Wine Cooler – it’s a girl’s drink, so sue me. It’s like adult kool-aid to me.
  • Yuengling light – If I drink beer, Yuengling is preferred, and the light version even better. From the oldest brewery in America.
  • Shiner blonde – Texas and Blondes go together, this is another beer favorite. It’s smooth much like Yuengling Light. I like light colored beer in case you haven’t guessed.
  • Coors light – used to drink this like water after hockey games. It’s my go to beer when the two above are not available.
  • Gin and cranberry juice – occasionally I’ll drink some hard liquor and this is my preferred drink, probably because it taste like kool-aid
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Birthday Month Top 5 – Candy

My Top 5 favorites candies. I don’t eat a lot of candy but with Halloween coming up, its a relevant topic.

  • Tootsie Roll – love ’em
  • Payday – my go to candy bar out on the golf course. It’s like a power bar to me. Ask my kids.
  • Sweet Tarts – fond memories of going swimming at the school pool in Monterey Louisiana and afterwards getting a BIG Sweet Tart out of the vending machine
  • Zero – another favorite candy bar.
  • French Burnt Peanuts – hard to buy unless you are going to pass a Buc-ee’s. I don’t remember when I acquired a taste for these.
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Birthday Month Top 5 – Favorite Foods

Let’s get into my culinary delights. Nothing fancy here. I’m a meat and potatoes kind of guy.

  • Mom’s spaghetti – its the best. Anytime I go visit Mom she has to make spaghetti. usually on the day we arrive. She gave her recipe to us and we tried to copy it once, it was not even close to the same. I think she has some hidden ingredient not written on paper.
  • Pizza – pepperoni with extra cheese and jalapeños – oh yeah, had some of that for dinner tonight. It’s tough for most pizza places to screw this up.
  • Donuts from anywhere – my kryptonite. glazed, sprinkle covered, i love ’em. But don’t give me a bear claw or some weird blueberry cake donut shit.
  • Taco’s from anywhere – never met a taco i didn’t like. not sure about those fancy ones but gimme ground beef, cheese, lettuce and some sauce and I’m good. Soft or crunchy, it don’t matter.
  • Grande burrito with queso from Abuelos – I say Abuelos because its a local restaurant here in Dallas, but On The Border or Posados, or any decent Tex-Mex restaurant is going to have a burrito stuffed with ground beef and cheese, maybe some re-fried beans and then smothered with a thick queso (that’s melted cheese for the northern folks). Damn, I think I know what I want for dinner tomorrow night.
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Birthday Month Top 5 – TV Shows I Wish Were Still On

Shows I wish were still on

  1. Leverage
  2. The Librarians
  3. Community
  4. Eureka
  5. Lucifer
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