Vinyl of the Month – Rock City by Riot

Riot, not to be confused with Quiet Riot, was a band from New York that formed in 1975. They put out their first album Rock City in late 1977.

I saw Riot in a skating rink in Copperas Cove Texas in ’78 or ’79 (those years are a blur). The opening band was The Rocking Red Devils, a local band think. I was standing at the front of the stage to the left. I was in awe, I was 16 or 17 at the time learning guitar. Both bands kicked ass.

I went out and bought Rock City the following week. I had seen a pic and small blurb about Riot in Circus magazine so I knew they were from NY. I then bought their second album Narita, and later their third album Fire Down Under.

My post high school band played Do It Up for awhile. Good times and a great band. I still pull out Rock City vinyl or listen to the CD in my truck.

Stirring up memories of life as a teen in central Texas. not a care in the world except getting through school and staying out of trouble. This is why I chose Rock City by Riot for Vinyl of the Month.

Check them out playing my favorite song Overdrive.

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