2023 Life Resolved

I’m going to Journal this year. That is resolution #1. I’ve ordered a nice brand new journal for this endeavor. I figured it’s cheaper than a therapist. I need to vent and no one is interested in listening to it. So I’m going to journal. I’d do it here but you never know when someone you work with or a family or friend will find your Blog and then BOOM, big drama.

So I’m going to privately put my thoughts down on paper. It’s not the first time. When I first got out of high school and headed off to college on my own I started a journal (or diary if you like). I kept that book religiously, documenting everything that happened that first semester of college. From leaving home on a plane to spending the weekend in an empty dorm (no football game on campus that weekend) reading the Amityville Horror, I documented EVERYTHING.

And then I tore all the pages out and destroyed them. I didn’t want anyone, including my future wife, reading it. It was just too revealing. My very private and innermost thoughts. I worried it would fall into the wrong hands. Like some secret Master Plan. I didn’t do anything like cheat on a test, or anything immoral or illegal. It was just very very innermost thoughts and feeling that I would never share in public. I still have the Journal with half of the pages missing. I regret that action now.

Resolution #2 is I need to slow down and don’t give a fuck. Meaning I’m done stressing over stupid shit that in the grand scheme of things doesn’t matter. Is missing a work deadline by a day going to tilt the world off its axis? Sadly the pandemic has come and gone and didn’t teach us anything. My work environment is back to “work your ass off for the good of the owners”. To add to this, I lost a work buddy the week before Christmas to cancer and the company replaced him within a week. Sad really.

Resolution #3, I gotta lose weight. I’m desperate. So desperate I almost bought a bottle of those gummi bear weight loss chewables that are supposed to have you dropping 50 lbs within a month. I just need to lose 70 lbs. I didn’t buy them. But I’m still considering it.

My last two resolutions, and I’m only doing 5 cause I don’t think I’ve ever resolved more than two, have to do with writing/creating. I need to write (complete) a book or comic book, and create, record and release a song into the world. I say this every year but….. sigh….. I never complete either of them.

So that’s it. 5 resolutions. I’m pretty sure I’ll start #1 and (like this blog) get lazy and stop. Fail at #2 (or get fired). I’ll try #3 but fail. And I’ll not get around to #4 or #5. Yay me. Lazy and procrastinator.

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