Vinyl of the Month – Minimum Wage Rock & Roll – The BusBoys

This months Vinyl of the Month is Minimum Wage Rock & Roll by The BusBoys. This album was released in February of 1980 and until November 20, 2022, I did not own this album, at least not on vinyl.

In 1980 I bought the cassette tape if this album after hearing the band on the Eddie Murphy special. I played the cassette constantly in my tape player installed in my Chevy Monza. I mean I listened to it a lot. I later bought the CD and until last month, had never seen a vinyl version of it.

I found the vinyl at a flea market store called the Lucky Rabbit in Hattiesburg Mississippi. A tourist stop if you are ever in Mississippi thanks to some decorating/house show ow on HGTV. Apparently the antiques and other decorations are purchased from the Lucky Rabbit making it a spot for HGTV watchers to visit, and making it a pain in the ass for us regulars who stop in when are in town to see our Mom.

Anyway…. I have the vinyl version now, very cheap price, and in OK condition. But the album brings back many memories of cruising in my Monza around Killeen Texas in my youth. Thanks to the Lucky Rabbit for giving me the months Vinyl of the MonthMinimum Wage Rock & Roll by The BusBoys.

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