Birthday Month Top 5 – Hobbies

My Hobbies (or things that work gets in the way of)

  1. Reading and collecting comics – I buy them monthly, both hard copy (or floppy as they are called sometimes) and digital copies. I’ve read the complete original volume 1 digital series of Captain America, Fantastic four, X-Men, Amazing Spider-Man, Avengers and many others. Digital comics allow you to read all those old 1960s issues without paying an arm and a leg. Just $1.99 to read Amazing Spider-Man #1.
  2. playing and recording music – I’ve been playing a lot of acoustic guitar lately, I just bought a looper to help with that, maybe I’ll play live somewhere, like a coffee house or such. I’ve not done any recording lately but I have all the equipment you could need to do that. I’ve got guitars, Basses, an electronic drum kit, a couple of keyboards, microphones, etc. Want to record an album? Come on over.
  3. writing – comic book scripts at the moment but I have a number novel ideas. I wish I could draw, I’d have many, many comic books available through self-publishing. I have created a small comic strip based on where I work. It’s something myself and a guy that works for me do to entertain ourselves and get a giggle.
  4. photography – at the moment Toy Photography is something I am pursuing, but I do have equipment to set up my own home studio and do portrait photography. Need a school photo session? I can do green screen too and put you somewhere else.
  5. Vinyl Music Albums – I buy nothing but vinyl records these days. It brings back great memories of listening to the record while actually holding a tangible cover with pictures and reading the inner sleeve. I am rebuilding the righteous collection I had at one time (the first Led Zeppelin album from 1969 sadly is gone along with original Grand Funk and KISS albums). Anyone got any old vinyl albums you don’t want? I’m interested.
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