Birthday Month top 5 – Writers

This is My highly recommended Top 5 favorite authors and one extra mention.

  • Brad Meltzer – pretty much anything he writes I will read, including his dabbling in comic books.
  • David Wellington – His Monster Trilogy series about Zombies is a great read, His Laura Caxton Vampire series also a great series to read and two book Werewolf series is engrossing.  Great horror author.
  • Wesley Chu – The Book of Tao series about alien symbiotic possession is a great trilogy story
  • Jonathan Maberry – I started with Patient Zero (the Joe Ledger series) and read all 10 or 11 books in the series, and then expanded to some of his other stuff including his dabbling in comic books.  Great horror writer.
  • Brad Thor – his whole Scot Harvath spy genre series is just one continuous living of the life of Scot Harvath.  Non-stop action.

Honorable Mention:

Stephen King – read the whole Dark Tower series, last thing I read was 11/22/63 which was turned into a Netflix series.

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