Birthday Month Top 5 – Sports I Watch on TV or in Person

These are my top 5 sports I like to watch on TV or in person. If I’m flipping through channels and I come across any of these, I will stop and watch.

  1. Supercross/Motocross – being a dirt bike rider for years, I watched Supercross/motocross religiously every year and attended a number of Supercross events in Dallas.  But since the pandemic things got out of sync and I’ve missed the last two years.
  2. Football – playing Fantasy Football has really expanded my desire to watch football, otherwise I would just watch the Cowboys.  Been to all of 4 (i think) Dallas Cowboy games in the 37 years I’ve lived in the Metroplex.
  3. Golf – many years ago I played golf a lot, and attended many of the big tournaments every year in the Dallas area.  Many times to the Byron Nelson, once to watch the Senior tour.  So I enjoy watching golf.
  4. Hockey – especially playoff hockey is fun to watch, but I mainly focus on the Stars.  If they don’t make the playoffs then I’m done watching hockey.
  5. Drag Racing – since i was a kid in 6th grade and found Hot Rod magazine in our school library I’ve been fascinated with dragsters. would you believe I’ve never been to a drag race?
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