Birthday Month Top 5 – Favorite Restaurants that are closed or no longer in our area

These are 7 favorite restaurants that are no longer open or the restaurant chain has closed in our area.

  1. Steak and Ale – our go to anniversary place, every year we would go have steak
  2. Judge Roy Bean – possibly the first (besides Chien Garden) restaurant we ate when we moved to Dallas.  Their chili burger was excellent and the ambience was true Texas.
  3. Panchos – If you’ve never raised the flag for seconds you don’t know what you’re missing.  There are two Panchos apparently still open in DFW but they are quite a ways away from us so they are on my list.. Many people abhor this place but I loved the food.  Just don’t plan any activity after eating there.  You will need a rest room.
  4. Tia’s Tex-Mex (the original) – we ate dinner here every Monday with the boys (Jonathan Tanner Cody)  It was a family routine until the franchise closed.
  5. Fuddruckers – this was our go-to burger place for me and work buddies.  You built your own burger, their onion rings were some of the best.  Just a great place.  Now they are just an online order and pick up place for pre-made burgers.
  6. Bonanza/Ponderosa – growing up, EVERY Sunday after church we would eat at Ponderosa in St. Louis MO or Bonanza in Killeen TX.  Mom, Dad and my three brothers.  I loved the steak and fried shrimp and always got a chocolate cream pie.  No longer here in Texas.
  7. Joe’s Crab Shack – Without Tia’s around we started eating dinner as a family here on Mondays.  The place had an outdoor playground and we would sit outside and eat and watch the kids play.  Good times.  They are still around, just not around us.
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