Birthday Month Top 5 – Favorite Restaurants Currently Open

These are my Top 5 favorite restaurants that are currently open. These are places that, if I was asked, I would say yes to immediately.

I thought I would throw this Top 5 in now because my top Chinese place – Chien Garden – is sadly closing on 10/30/2022 due to landlord and rent going up ridiculously high.

  • Chien Garden – the first Chinese restaurant that I ate at when I got my job in Dallas in 1985.  Sadly they are closing this coming weekend for good.  This restaurant has been in the same location with same family running since at least 1985 when I ate lunch there for the first time. No one does better hot & sour soup, fried shrimp in garlic sauce or egg rolls.
  • Ed’s Burger Joint – we eat here every time we go to Hattiesburg. Great burgers, great atmosphere, haven’t tried the shakes or appetizers… yet.
  • On the Border – When Tia’s closed (a family favorite Tex-Mex place), we had to look elsewhere for our Tex-Mex fix and OTB is pretty similar. I always get the Classic Burrito (beef) with Queso all over. Hmmmm. IT was my Birthday dinner this year.
  • Chili’s – we eat here usually once a week, we order take out. I like the original Chicken Crispers and their Chicken Fajitas.
  • Olive Garden – I like it but damn has it gotten expensive. I love the Tour of Italy
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