Birthday Month Top 5 – Sports Teams I Support

These are the sports team I support. Some are obvious based on where I live, others are from childhood.

  • Dallas Stars – hockey, home team, nuff said
  • St Louis Blues – while in St. Louis I learned of this sport called hockey and I was hooked.  I became a Blues fan and attended a practice session but never a game, but watched it on TV.
  • St. Louis Cardinals – the football team. Dad took me to my first live football game on my birthday (1970) in Busch Stadium to watch the Cardinals football team.  QB Jim Hart was my fave.
  • Dallas Cowboys – growing up I hated this team, hated them.  America’s Team?  Hah!  But after that 1989 season of 1-15 and a bit of humility, I became a fan.
  • New Orleans Saints – being from Mississippi, I grew up a Saints fan initially.  Archie Manning baby, until we moved to St. Louis.
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