Birthday Month Top 5 – Vacation Spots

These are my favorite spots to vacation both past and present. Some of these places we haven’t been to in 5+ years.

  • Breckinridge CO – we used to go once a year skiing. It was awesome. Those trips are now only memories. I loved snow skiing, but physical health and the soaring prices have stopped even the thought of that now.
  • Destin FL – only been here once with the complete family and it was glorious. The sand is like sugar, the water is crystal clear, and crab island… but the crowds 😦
  • Casa Ferd/Ferdlandia – Every summer we thank Buddha we put in a swimming pool in our backyard. And every winter we curse the fact we have a swimming pool. Nothing beats lounging in the pool with some adult kool-aid.
  • Mom’s house in Hattiesburg MS – Hattiesburg in general is just a great escape from Dallas. Slowing down and reading a book, maybe hitting a casino, its comfort
  • Ft Meyers FL – sadly the hurricane did a number on it, but when Cody played select baseball we spent many a week each year in Ft Meyers and we enjoyed eating out on Sanibel Island and hanging out at the beach
Breckenridge CO
Destin FL
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