Birthday Month Top 5 – Comic Book Artists

If you know me you know I collect comics. And I’ve been collecting for a long time. Over the years I’ve come to have favorite artist. Below are my Top 5 and the reason why.

  1. Alex Ross – anything he draws or paints cause his stuff is damn close to reality.
  2. Sal Buscema – Captain America run with Steve Englehart writing (1972-1975) was the best seller and my first endeavor into reading comics.
  3. John Romita (senior) – his Amazing Spider-Man took a gangly, wimpy Steve Ditko version and beefed him up.
  4. Jim Starlin – his Captain Marvel is the definitive Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell), he also was the creator of Thanos. He has his creator owned Dreadstar comic as well
  5. John Byrne – he drew the Fantastic Four as normal body proportions (except for the Thing) and he created Alpha Flight (the Canadian X-Men), he also wrote and drew the She-Hulk comics that the Disney show is based on.
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