Birthday Month Top 5 – Alcoholic Beverages

I’m not much of a drinker, to be honest, but when I do here is my Top 5 in order of preference.

  • Seagram Wine Cooler – it’s a girl’s drink, so sue me. It’s like adult kool-aid to me.
  • Yuengling light – If I drink beer, Yuengling is preferred, and the light version even better. From the oldest brewery in America.
  • Shiner blonde – Texas and Blondes go together, this is another beer favorite. It’s smooth much like Yuengling Light. I like light colored beer in case you haven’t guessed.
  • Coors light – used to drink this like water after hockey games. It’s my go to beer when the two above are not available.
  • Gin and cranberry juice – occasionally I’ll drink some hard liquor and this is my preferred drink, probably because it taste like kool-aid
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