Birthday Month Top 5 – Favorite Foods

Let’s get into my culinary delights. Nothing fancy here. I’m a meat and potatoes kind of guy.

  • Mom’s spaghetti – its the best. Anytime I go visit Mom she has to make spaghetti. usually on the day we arrive. She gave her recipe to us and we tried to copy it once, it was not even close to the same. I think she has some hidden ingredient not written on paper.
  • Pizza – pepperoni with extra cheese and jalapeños – oh yeah, had some of that for dinner tonight. It’s tough for most pizza places to screw this up.
  • Donuts from anywhere – my kryptonite. glazed, sprinkle covered, i love ’em. But don’t give me a bear claw or some weird blueberry cake donut shit.
  • Taco’s from anywhere – never met a taco i didn’t like. not sure about those fancy ones but gimme ground beef, cheese, lettuce and some sauce and I’m good. Soft or crunchy, it don’t matter.
  • Grande burrito with queso from Abuelos – I say Abuelos because its a local restaurant here in Dallas, but On The Border or Posados, or any decent Tex-Mex restaurant is going to have a burrito stuffed with ground beef and cheese, maybe some re-fried beans and then smothered with a thick queso (that’s melted cheese for the northern folks). Damn, I think I know what I want for dinner tomorrow night.
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