Birthday Month Top 5 – TV Shows Currently On

These are my Top 5 (ok 6) TV how’s that are currently on.

  1. Masked Singer – I despise the guest panel but the singing and costumes and mystery are great. I’ve guessed at least 2, maybe 3 right off the bat.
  2. Holey Moley- I think it’s returning. Rob Riggle is just hilarious. And how can you not go wrong with a golf hole call Uranus. Jokes aplenty.
  3. The Goldbergs – already mentioned, hilarious
  4. LEGO Masters – one day it would be cool to be a LEGO master
  5. Ghosts – My new favorited comedy. As good as the Goldbergs, I hope its on for awhile
  6. Quantum Leap – like the original, it is great, I hope it’s on for awhile
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