Vinyl of the Month – Jesus Christ Superstar

Time to get things going again. First off, getting back to doing a Vinyl of the Month. Last one posted was July so I took August and September off.

Each month I highlight a vinyl album that was a favorite growing up or that had an impact on my life. Go back and read some of the older posts to get what I mean.

This month I’m going to go with the concept album Jesus Christ Superstar with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice. The album came out in October 1970. I was not aware of the it at the time but we did hear the song Superstar song on the radio occasionally. I finally got around to buying the album in 1980.

To be honest I didn’t have the vinyl when i was a teen (I do now along with the CD), I had the cassette tape, and I played the shit out of it in my tape player in my Chevy Monza Myself and two friends could sing along to the whole album. I still can sing with the whole album.

This particular album brings back a memory of a trip with the two friends mentioned above (Dennis and Steve). We drove a pickup truck from Killeen TX to Nacogdoches TX (me riding bitch) and we put my cassette on and sang through the whole album during the drive. Such good times in 1982,

Dennis has since passed away (3 years now) and I don’t talk to Steve much. We both miss Dennis.

Anyway, for bringing back fond memories of a wonderful trip with two great friends, I choose Jesus Christ Superstar as this months Vinyl of the Month.

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