Happy Birth Month to Me

Guess what day it is? Its the first day of my birthday month.

Last year I spent 31 days flashing my life before my eyes on Facebook. If you follow me on Facebook then you were privy to a chronological accounting of my life complete with photos and videos. Perhaps I’ll do that here one month.

This year I decided to do a month (31 days) of Ozone Ferd‘s Top 5’s (Top 10 in some cases). Every day I’ll post my Top 5 of some subject or product. Starting with an easy one.

TOP 5 BANDS (or in this case Top 10 cause music is life)

1. KISS – cause it’s KISS and if you know me personally you know I’ve been a KISS fan since 1975

2. Led Zeppelin – well, again no brainer, been a fan since 1974

3. Grand Funk – even before there was KISS there was Grand Funk Railroad, always a fan

4. AC/DC – found them in 1978, will never forget seeing them from the front row on the Black Ice Tour. doesn’t hurt that my band played a lot of AC/DC cause I could sing like Bon Scott.

5. Rush – Another band that my band played a lot of because I could sing like Geddy Lee. We would do the whole side 1 from 2112 plus some of the oldies along with Xanadu

6. Queen – who isn’t a Queen fan. We used to play Tie Your Mother Down

7. Ted Nugent – the man, the legend. When my band wasn’t playing AC/DC or Rush we were playing Nugent songs – Stranglehold, Cat Scratch Fever, Free for All, etc.

8. The Tubes – not many people no this band. I learned of them through CREEM magazine. Like KISS, they had an unbelievable stage show and I lucked into their first album in a K-Mart in Natchez Mississippi. White Punks on Dope baby. Their album needs to be a future Vinyl of the Month.

9. ZZ Top – I’ve live in Texas since 1976, ZZ Top is ingrained in you. While drinking beer around a bon fire in a pasture in the middle of Texas you were listening to ZZ Top. We were all looking for a little Tush back then.

10. Black Sabbath – I had to throw them on because I’ve been listening to them a lot lately. Tony Iommi is a riff master.

So many din not make the list (Judas Priest, King’s X, Thin Lizzy, etc.) and really Elvis and The Beatles could/should be on here as well.

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