Vinyl of the Month – All the Girl’s in the World Beware by Grand Funk

I’m a Grand Funk fan. Been listening to them almost as long as I’ve been listening to KISS. They are another band that I am in the process of recapturing their complete discography on vinyl again. And I’m close to doing that. Sadly I gave up a number of those old albums but I managed to hang on to All the Girl’s in the World Beware.

All the Girl’s in the World is my favorite album from them. It was released in 1974. Its the newer Grand Funk, they had dropped the Railroad from their name and picked up Craig Frost on keyboards. I bought this album, like many of my old ones, in Puerto Rico. I can sing every song on this album.

About 10 years ago I played bass in an 80’s retro band called Retroplex and even though its not an 80’s song, we played Some Kind of Wonderful because it has a great dance groove and because I wanted to play and sing it.

I still pull this album out and sing along to it. All 3 original members of Grand Funk Railroad are still alive but sadly Mark Farner does not have a relationship anymore with Don Brewer and Mel Schacher. Don and Mel still tour as Grand Funk but with ex-KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick and a couple of other guys. Craig Frost is also still alive and plays in Bob Seger’s band. I wished they would kiss and makeup. A tour with the original 3 members (and Craig too) would be a sold out tour. I’d pay fairly good money to see that.

So, anyways, my vinyl of the month pick is All the Girl’s in the World Beware by Grand Funk.

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