Still Here with lots of ideas

I’m still here. Taking Toy photos during February was a bust. Weather not good, work not fun, etc. And here we are already in March and there is stuff going on with work and we are watching our grandson and fixing to take a spring break trip to visit my Mom with him. So its been hard to get going on one thing or another and focus.

I’ve done some more drawing with my XP-Pen drawing pad. And I am working on a comic book idea utilizing some military toy figures I’ve purchased. And I’ve got a few ideas for some songs. So lots of ideas, but sitting down and executing is the issue. Focus.

Did I mention I’ve been doing Pokemon Go again? I got back into it (yes I was going it back when Pokemon Go app first came out) as a way to do more things with my grandson. we’ve been having fun going on Pokemon safaris around our neighborhood. Check this one out. I have a video of it licking but WordPress won’t let me post videos with paying them more. Is this not the most awesome Pokemon you’ve ever seen?

Licky Licky make you Sticky!

So, when I get some time I’ll get something going. Winter is slowly relinquishing its grasp on Texas so the mood is improving.

Oh, and we sold our Winnebago Micro Minnie. For numerous reasons I’m not going to list, it was best for us to pass it on rather than keep it in storage. It hadn’t been used since October 2021. So that is one weight lifted.

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