Vinyl of the Month – Angel – On Earth As It Is In Heaven

Ever heard of Angel? Most people haven’t. They were part of the Casablanca Records artist pool along with KISS. Like KISS they had a stage show and gimmick. They released 7 studio albums (one as recent as 2019) and one live album. I have all their albums on CD but my introduction to Angel came through CREEM magazine.

If you are my age and was into rock music like I was you know what CREEM magazine is. Remember Boy Howdy beer? It’s the precursor to Hit Parader and Circus magazine, both excellent rock magazines that came later. I believe I’ve mentioned this before but CREEM introduced me to KISS through this article.

CREEM August 1975

So, back to Angel, I was wanting to not miss an issue of CREEM, so I talked my parents into a subscription. Well that subscription came with a free album – Angel’s On Earth as it is in Heaven. I figured what the hell, they have costumes like KISS. My only concern was that they had keyboards. There was a time in my young life where I didn’t consider keyboards belonging in a rock band. I know silly.

The album was released in 1977 and I was happily surprised. I liked it, and played in constantly that first couple of months when it arrived in the mail. This is before YouTube and Spotify and the internet so you never knew what you were getting until you stuck it on your record player. I still have this album in my vinyl collection.

So for the month of March Angel’s On Earth as it is in Heaven is my Vinyl of the Month.

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