Well, what next?

So, now that my 30 days of drawing adventure has come to an end, I’ve been racking my brain wondering what to try next. What could I do during the month of February? What could I do for 28 days? I had a list started for consideration:

  • learn the harmonica (I have a set and a book)
  • work on my weight issue/fitness (this one is coming)
  • write, record and release 3-4 songs (me recording all the instruments, singing etc.)
  • Learn how to use my XP-Pen drawing tablet with Krita more efficiently
  • Create a 22 page comic book (I am a comic geek and collector)

In the end I decided on none of those for February, but that list will eventually get tried. I decided to challenge myself to create 28 different photographs (one for each day) using the many toys I own. I’m not talking about just throwing a toy up on a counter and snapping a pic with my cell phone. I’m talking setting up a photo that hopefully shows some semblance of reality.

If you’ve seen some of my photos I’ve posted here or on my Instagram, you’ll understand what I mean. These are all toys I own in the photos below. Tomorrow we begin.

McFarlane Toys Frankenstein Set
McFarlane Toys Jimi Hendrix figure
T.N.T vs Demogorgon (Funko Pop)
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