You Can Draw in 30 Days – Day 0

As mentioned before, I purchased the book You Can Draw in 30 Days and started reading it today. The first activity is not really part of the 30 days of lessons, its a kick off day, I called it Day 0. For Day 0 there was reading about the author, Mark Kistler and his teaching philosophy and then there was a Pretest.

The Pretest consisted to drawing 3 items, 2 minutes per drawing. This will be my Before pictures that will be used to compare to my After pictures once I’ve complete the 30 lessons. I was tasked with drawing a house, an airplane and a bagel. Here is my resulting drawings:

As you can see it is pretty rudimentary and basic. Could pass for playing Pictionary but not the level of quality I want to be at.

So tomorrow I will start Day 1 – The Sphere. Check back in to see my progress. And check out more of Mark Kistler on his YouTube site as well.

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