Happy New Year!

And another empty promise to post more on this blog. yeah right. I’ve heard that before. Time just slips away and I’m lazy. I am rotating through some new hobbies. Perhaps I shall share more of that. Toy Photography continues to be an interest. I post on Instagram.

And building Legos continues to be a way to relax and forget about work. Particularly Legos of the 1966 Batman TV show. Something I watched as a kid and still enjoy on occasion.

And the last two hobbies I’ve started are drawing and model making.

I’ve always loved comic books and continue to collect and read them, but I’ve always wanted to be ablt to draw, even if a bit rudimentary, and create my own comic soooooo, consider that a new year’s resolution – learning to draw. I bought a book – You Can Draw in 30 Days. It came today and I intend to start on it tomorrow. So I HOPE to post each days results of the lesson and we can see how well I get. I have some basic skills from previous books and playing around, but this time… I’m going to run with it. I bought a sketching and drawing kit from Hobby Lobby and I already have a number of sketch pads. We shall see how this goes.

The stimulus for this new endeavor was attending a 2 hour evening art “class” at a local comic book shop. It was a spur of the moment thing and it was given by a former Disney animator and was enlightening. It stirred the creative juices.

So look for Day 1 tomorrow.

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