Another Micro Minnie Adventure Ends Early

Setting out on our second trip with the travel trailer, we picked a different park on the lake but still only 15 minutes from the house. We decided to be a little ambitious and planned for two nights away from home, setting up Saturday, December 19 and returning to the house Monday December 21.

We made it to our spot that was much more level this time and a decent view of the lake. First hiccup – we couldn’t get the truck unhitched so we went ahead and leveled with the truck connected. No biggie. We finished setting up, connecting to electrical and park water supply with no issues.

We settled in and fired up the new Blackstone griddle and had smash burgers. They turned out pretty good except, second hiccup, we forgot the condiments. Meat, cheese an bread but it was still good eating.

Next, we went to wash the dishes and we couldn’t get the hot water heater to work (hiccup three). What did the dealer person say about that? What buttons to push? Check the manual, nothing useful in the manual. Google and YouTube searches later and we think we figured it out. Still can’t get the water to heat up though. In the process of continually letting the water run to get hot flowing we filled the gray water tank to 2/3 (hiccup four). This RV park did not have sewage only a dump station on the way out so we were stuck with only 1/3 space for shower and sink water (the toilet is the black tank) and we were worried we wouldn’t make it to Monday with so little space.

Wake up the next morning, eat some breakfast and relax for a bit. Still no hot water, so no shower. We take a short walk along the lake and then come back and make grill cheeses (forgot the ham) on the griddle. Eat lunch and then discuss our options. We decide to call it quits and head home since the gray tank was 2/3 full and now the black tank was sitting at 2/3 from over flushing.

On the way out of the park we stopped at the dump station, hooked up the sewage hose and after a rush of water on my gloved hands we dumped what I hoped was both black and gray tank contents into the dump station. Can’t tell how much of the black tank was dumped because I think I broke the valve handle on the black tank. It wouldn’t budge in or out so I’m afraid there may be waste still in there.

Called the dealership on Monday morning and they can’t fit us in until January 4. God I hope we were able to dump the black tank otherwise the trailer is sitting in storage right now with stuff in it. We think we figured out the hot water situation except we may have turned it on prematurely before there was water in it and may have burned the heating element. Another item for the dealer to check and fix.


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