Binge Reading, its real and its an addiction

I hate it when I binge read an author I’ve discovered and then I hit the end of their current story line or book in the series and I go through withdrawals. Ever get the author withdrawals?

I did this with Brad Thor recently. I discovered his Scot Harvath series (espionage, special forces thrillers) and started reading. His 16th and latest in the series was released June 2020 and of course I bought it and read it within a couple of weeks (I like to read a couple of chapters each night before bed). 16 books later and I’m very close to emailing him and telling him to get busy on a new book. I need my Scot Harvath fix.

Have you binged a series? Here is a list of the Authors and series I’ve binged over the years:

  • Jonathan Mayberry – The Joe Ledger Series – zombies and plagues, good stuff.
  • David Wellington – Monster Island, Monster Nation, Monster Planet – Zombies, good stuff
  • David Wellington – 13 Bullets, 99 Coffins, Vampire Zero, 23 hours, 32 Fangs – vampires, good stuff
  • David Wellington – Frostbite, Overwinter – Werewolves, good stuff
  • Wesley Chu – The Tao trilogy – an interesting take on aliens as symbiotes
  • Wesley Chu – Io Series – continuation of the Tao trilogy
  • Wesley Chu – Time trilogy – time traveler
  • Logan Rutherford – a 24 year old author I really enjoy who writes Superhero books. Think Comic Books without the drawings. He has a 5 book series out
  • Stephen King – The Dark Tower series, of course
  • Brad Meltzer – Culper Ring series
  • Charlaine Harris – Sookie Stackhouse Series, I know its vampire romance, so sue me.

Years ago I leaned toward horror but lately, with Brad Thor, I have gotten into spy type thrillers. I also enjoy autobiographies. I’ve read all the KISS books; Nikki Sixx, from Motley Crue, books; Aerosmith, David Lee Roth, Led Zeppelin and many others. The latest being Judas Priest lead singer Rob Halford’s Confess.

Finally, on a recent trip home for Thanksgiving I visited Books-a-million (cause there really isn’t much else to do where my Mom lives) and I came across author Michael McBride and his latest book Mutation. It looked interesting so I bought it. Then I realized it was Book 3 of a series called Unit 51. Ugh. My OCD kicked in and I set the book aside and proceeded to order the first two books in the series from B&N. So I’m waiting impatiently for B&N to fulfill my order. Turns out Mr. McBride has a number of horror related books so I’ve found a new author to binge.

What authors have you binged on? What authors are you impatiently waiting to come out with a new book in a series?

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