It’s been 3 weeks since I talked to you, I’m a bad friend…

Happy Thanksgiving! Oh wait that has come and gone. How’s it been? Me? Not too bad.

  • Work has been 10 hour days including one weekend but I’m employed and payed well.
  • We had to let our 12 year old dog go to a better place due to various ailments.
  • Thanksgiving was a long road trip home to see Mom for the week. Sorry pandemic police, hadn’t seen my Mom in 12 months so no government or Fauci was going to change those plans.
  • The weekend after Thanksgiving we picked up our brand new Winnebago Micro Minnie 2108TB. Let the Adventures Begin!
  • Then it was back to work with the 10 hour days.
  • And I didn’t participate in Nanowrimo… again.
  • And I forgot to post a Vinyl of the Month. Try to do that tonight.

So here we are in December. Geez where has the time gone? I gotta tell ya, the pandemic sucks but I never stopped going to work. Back in March when the majority of my co-workers got to work from home and take Zoom and Microsoft Team meetings in their pajamas, I was driving my 30 minutes to work 3 days a week. Traffic was exhilarating. I got my truck up to 100 mph at one point on the tollway because there was only a few of us there. Even the State Troopers got the days off.

Am I an essential worker or medical person? No. My company just wanted to keep some things slow rolling and since my area has to do with support, supply, logistics and shipping, we (3-4 of us) were requested to keep manning the building. Even got a letter from the company in case I got stopped by the police that said I needed to get to work.

These days traffic is not quite as exhilarating but still not back to pre-pandemic bumper to bumper. The posted speed limit is 70 mph, the working speed limit is 85 mph. If you are not moving along in the vicinity of 75-80 mph you are going to get run over. Traffic is self regulating now and you need to have a Nascar level of abilities to keep up with Us. Or get in the far right lane, grandma.

Winnebago Micro Minnie 2108TB

How about that Winnebago news? Excitement and anxiety all in one. I’m excited to get out and camp and get away, but I have high anxiety when it comes to pulling and backing a 23 foot trailer. The longest trailer I’ve ever towed and backed is a dirt bike trailer… so 8 feet.

Driving it home was a slow and steady hour+ drive from the dealership. We haven’t taken it out camping yet. Backing it into our storage garage unit was a 35 minute ordeal that had me wondering what the hell had I done buying this damn thing. We plan to take it out this weekend (barring any work request) for our first night and pop our RV cherry. Then the weekend of December 18 we are going with some friends, who’ve had their RV two months longer, to a state park here in Texas. Should be fun if I can get the damn thing backed into the space successfully.

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1 Response to It’s been 3 weeks since I talked to you, I’m a bad friend…

  1. Ah, I hear you about the extended hours, but glad you got to see your mom!
    The micro Minnie is super cute! Have fun taking her out! Have someone be a spotter for you the first few times backing in. ❤️😉


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