Omada after 5 weeks

Omada. Does it work? After 5 weeks, which ended on October 31. I am down 6-7 lbs. So the focus that Omada provides is definitely working. The weekly lessons are informational. The occasional coach messages are ok. I respond when asked a question. I don’t share much with my coach as far as my “feelings”. I usually eat when stressed (work) or bored. I complained once to my coach about the world around me and how everyone is skinny and can eat what they want, woe is me. I’ve commented a few times in the groups on subjects. There seems to be only me and one other male in this group. This is my 4th time to try and lose weight. I’ve been successful at losing it, just not keeping it off. I regress. I know what it takes.

I am eating what I want (unlike Jenny Craig that made you buy $130-$150 per week of food), just in smaller portions. I’ve started walking again, baby steps first. A 1/2 mile at least every night, sometimes 3/4 mile. I have severe arthritis in my right hip which can be painful during and after walking. I have a slight limp these days because of it. So starting at only 1/2 mile walks is frustrating when just a few years ago I was running 2 1/2 miles in 30 minutes.

My doctor and I discussed my hip at my last physical two weeks ago. He asked if I wanted surgery. No thank you. At least not at this time. It’s a pain I can live with at the moment. So then my alternative is to lose weight first and see where we are. If that doesn’t help then it’s x-rays again and therapy and then…. surgery. Getting old sucks. It’s a catch-22. Need to lose weight so hip and knees feel better but can’t walk more than 1/2 mile without being in pain the rest of the night. And don’t get me started on mornings. It takes a lot of stretching in the shower to get the hip and back to stop complaining enough to dress and get out the door to work.

But I’m going off on a tangent. Omada has been good for focusing. I’ve shared some of the lesson information with my spouse who is trying to help. But cooking is not something we do. We eat out because it’s just easier. I usually weigh the best on Friday mornings after I have consciously taken a healthy lunch to work everyday and watched what I eat for dinner. But on Monday I weigh the worst because I’ve indulged myself on pizza and other unhealthy stuff. Weekends are the hardest to stay focused.

So another week is underway. This weeks lesson was about motivation. On Monday I started up 2 lbs from the weekend but I’m down 1 lb this Tuesday morning. Go figure. It’s a slow process.

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  1. Glad you are making progress on your weight loss journey! I lose, gain, plateau, and lose. My weight progress chart looks like a heartbeat! LOL ❤️😉


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