PawPaw’s Vinyl of the Week – Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack

Wow, I completely missed this past Sunday posting for this. This weeks album, The Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack released in 1975, comes from the summer of 1978. I had just completed my junior year in high school and was off for the summer to work at a church resort called Mo-Ranch. It was a first time away from home. I went with my best friend, we had been recommended by his church for the jobs. Us two and five other guys and seven gals made up the summer staff that year.

We worked pretty much 6 days a week with one day off. I was a housekeeper so I cleaned toilets, replaced linens, etc. It was an OK job except when you had to clean a toilet that had been thrown up in. Even though this was a church resort, people drank, and drank excessively sometimes.

This album was one of a bunch that summer one of the staffers brought with him. Somehow he knew we had a record player in our staff lounge where we would hang out at lunch and read (Conan books) and listen to music or gather after work to unwind. I had never seen the movie (this is all pre-internet and YouTube) but based on the album cover and descriptions from a couple of co-workers who had, I was told I did a pretty good Frank-N-Furter impersonation. Tim Curry’s inflections when singing the song make for great facial expressions. A couple of years later when I finally saw the movie I was hooked. I already knew the words to all the songs and it is a great sing-along movie.

We listened to this album a lot. I still listen to this album and have the vinyl version. I have a DVD version and special edition Blu-ray version of the movie. I have a special edition photo book from the movie. I just watched it for the 100th or so time on Hulu.

For being such an integral part of that summer, The Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack is PawPaw’s Vinyl of the Week.

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