Started my 60th orbit around the Sun

Yep, had a birthday yesterday. Completed 59 orbits around the sun. Happy New year to me. I think its time to start thinking about a bucket list. My father lived to 82, so what does that give me… 23 more years on this planet? Yikes!

I’ve been posting on my Facebook account daily snippets of my life starting on October 1 and continuing until October 31. I’ve included where I was, what I was doing, what I like, favorite things, etc. Things that some people may not know about me but most don’t. I decided to do this so my kids would know a bit more about their Dad. I never sat down with my Dad and asked him questions about where he was when he was 15? When did he learn how to drive? What was his favorite color? I don’t know many details about my Dad and I’m sad for that.

Maybe I’ll turn these snippets into a memoir one day when I’m retired.

I spent my birthday watching my Grandson play soccer, then shopping at Target to buy a Lego set to build when both Grand kids arrive at 5:30. Then relaxed some. The kids came over, we heated the pool and hot tub and swam, had some pizza (not good for weight loss) and worked on the Lego set.

Today we’ll work some more on the Lego set and then ride bikes in the nearby park or perhaps up to the neighborhood school. Maybe I’ll get the drone out finally and try it out.

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