Omada Week 1 Completed

I’ve completed week 1 of this health insurance sponsored weight loss program. Its a program called Omada and its supposed to teach me good eating habits and nutrition while providing a coach and a group of similarly weight challenged individuals to spout my weight loss issues to. It comes with an app (what doesn’t these days) where I track my food and physical activities and I have to watch a 10 minute lesson once a week. And it came with a really nice weight scale that has a LTE modem built in that transfers your weight to the Omada cloud and your account which then pings your app on your phone. Pretty sweet.

So how is it? Well my official starting weight from last Sunday morning was 270.7 lbs and this morning’s weigh-in showed 267.8. So that is 2.9 lbs. Let’s see if I can keep this trend going. I’ve been watching my portions, meaning I don’t overload my plate and I don’t go back for seconds, and I’ve stopped snacking in between. I’ve been counting my calories as usual using LoseIt! and then I transfer the information to the Omada app.

However, the Omada app does not track calories or points, it tracks meal size and whether I thought the meal was healthy or not. I guess after awhile you feel personal peer pressure from seeing all the unhealthy meals you eat. I’ve had a couple of messages back and forth with my coach explaining the difficulties of trying to eat healthy in a household that does not cook, and when we do it is something simple like Hamburger Helper. We eat out a lot. Its convenient but not very healthy.

In addition to the meal tracking, the app tracks your exercise but it only tracks steps by transferring over the iPhone step counter app output. Expectation is to do 7500 steps per day, I’ve yet to come halfway close to that number. I use Runkeeper to keep track of bike riding and then Omada has a formula for converting that to steps. So whenever I am moving around the house or at work walking to the break room or the bathroom, I have my phone with me to capture those steps.

Weekends are the toughest. We usually hit up our favorite pizza joint (shout out to Millhouse Pizzeria) for take out on Friday and sit and watch a show. That leads to leftover pizza on Saturday for lunch. And we usually order out Sunday nights as well from a Chili’s or McAlister Deli. So except for the pizza I do have opportunities for healthy eating. So its all on me.

So lets see how week 2 goes. Thanks for listening.

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3 Responses to Omada Week 1 Completed

  1. Hey! I’m doing the Omada program also! I have been on it 13 weeks and love it for all the reasons you mentioned! We switched to ordering meal prep food from EveryPlate (I have a coupon for $20 off if you want to try it), instead of ordering take out (we used to do Chili’s or Larry’s Giant Subs—I still love their Greek salad). I’m turning 59 in January and being that I have been on several plateau’s in regard to my weight (for years), I am thrilled to have lost / released 10 pounds thus far. Mind you, I tracked my calories for 2 years on LoseIt! But gained back all the weight I lost plus more, during the last several months of COVID. And that’s what led me to Omada. I love the personal peer pressure of figuring out if I ate a mostly healthy large, medium, or small meal! Haha!


    • PawPaw says:

      So far on Omada I’m down 6 lbs after 4 1/2 weeks. I track my stuff in LoseIt! as well. I’ve gotten back to walking each day. I was doing Freshly but found myself pressured to eat before the expired date and ended up tossing a few meals. So I canceled. It was a limited selection of meals too. So i have been cutting portions when we eat out, which is a lot, or choosing something healthy like a salad. And I’ve stopped snacking after 8:00 p.m. Eating healthy is a goal but I’ve found (this is my 4th weight loss journey) it all comes down to calories in versus calories out which is why I still use LoseIt! in conjunction with Omada. The program is good, I’ve learned a few things and the coach messaging motivates me. It’s tough doing this when everyone around you doesn’t have weight issues and can eat what they want. It’s the reason I’ve always fallen off the wagon.

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      • I hear ya! We used to eat out all the time pre-COVID (and before we moved to the country Feb 29th.) I’m doing Omada alone, though my husband is enjoying the EveryPlate (for the variety). I have learned to cook rice, which I never liked much before (except in sushi).
        How do I get my LoseIt! connected to Omada?


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