PawPaw’s Bike Riding Adventure #1

I went on my first extended bike ride today with my sister-in-law and her husband. Only my second time on the bike I bought in mid-August. I don’t think I’ve ever rode more that a mile on a bike… ever. Not even as a kid. Today we did 4.9 miles. So this is my first real bike riding adventure (not around the neighborhood block). I mounted my GoPro on my bike and recorded the ride. The sound was not the best for some unknown reason, there is a static sound, but it captured about 39 minutes of the 45 minute ride before the battery died. I hope to post some of this video on YouTube soon.

Runkeeper App

I used Runkeeper to track our progress. I’ve been using the app for years to capture my walking and running so this was first time to use with a bike. It worked very well. Unfortunately we were already .4 miles into the ride when I remembered to turn it on, but from the picture you can see I captured 4.5 miles plus the .4 not captured equals 4.9 miles.

This riding spot is in Garland TX. The start is by the Garland Gun Range so if you live in the area, you’ll know where that is or can find it. It’s off of Pleasant Valley Road. It’s completely paved and great for beginners. There is a lots of long straight aways and only one small hill climb on the way back to the start. Not the most scenic ride though.

I was able to complete the almost 5 miles with only some minor soreness. Even now nine hours later I still feel ok. This is comforting to know because I have a bad right hip with severe arthritis and its not hurting.

I enjoyed the ride enough to go onto Amazon tonight and purchase a few things to improve my riding comfort for the next time. I purchased

So there you go. My stuff arrives this Thursday and perhaps we will plan another bike outing to a different area. I want to take my Grandson out to a local park and get him off his training wheels. Perhaps this weekend.

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