PawPaw’s Vinyl of the Week – Rickie Lee Jones

I originally bought the album Rickie Lee Jones (released February 28, 1979) for the song Chuck E.’s in Love and then fell for the whole album. I listened to this album so much I can still sing it word for word from start to finish. I still have the vinyl album. It was a strange purchase for someone who was into Judas Priest, KISS and Led Zeppelin but having your name in the song title persuaded me. But was I mellowing?

No, my musical taste were expanding. These days if a song catches my ear it doesn’t matter whether it is rap, country or Ska, I’ll listen to it and purchase the album to support the artist.

After her initial album Rickie Lee put out a second album called Pirates, an EP and then The Magazine which I bought. I am a Rickie Lee Jones fan.

Because I can still listen to this album and enjoy it and sing along to very song from start to finish, Rickie Lee Jones you are PawPaw’s Vinyl of the Week!

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