Adventures with Music

I’ve gotten back into buying vinyl. A bit more expensive these days than when i was a teen. Unfortunately I made the mistake of selling and/or giving away a lot of my albums. ALL my Led Zeppelin (crying emoji) were giving to my brothers and have somehow disappeared (another crying emoji). I figured I got the CD, why do I need the vinyl? My record player was no longer working, I kept quite a number of albums that I did not get the CD version, thank goodness.

So what do I do? I start buying them all again. Yep, I’ve been buying all the albums I gave away. Sometimes I buy used but most of the time I’ve been buying reissues. Albums from Grand Funk, Led Zeppelin, The Tubes and the list goes on.

I’ve spent time at Half Price Books, Best Buy, Target and I use Amazon and Universal Music Group (Sound of Vinyl/Udiscover Music) exclusively to find what I’m looking for online. So each week I’m going to feature a favorite vinyl album on the right sidebar. Click it, get to Amazon Vinyl and buy it. Or you can click and head over to Udiscover Music.

I’ll be posting a new post when I get the two albums I ordered from UDiscover. Expecting them today.

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