Holy Cow it’s August

And this damn pandemic shit is still going on. And getting worse it seems in those states that are pretty much ignoring any kind of rules. Florida, smh.

August 1 brought a mild day for us here in Dallas, by mild I mean low 90’s. By this point we’d be neck deep in 100 degree days and be on water rationing. Yet it rained two nights ago really really hard. It’s been a strange summer thus far and that’s not counting the virus thing.

Still warm enough for the swimming pool. And we hit it when we can. Been discussing going camping. Looked at trailers, both mid-size and small sleeper trailers. Then we looked at popup camper tents. And was prepared to buy one if we could find it in stock. Alas, it’s been impossible to find anything we want locally, so we’re looking at tents. I bought a couple of Queen size Coleman cots, they’ll be here tomorrow. Pulled our old tent from the attic, going to set it up and make sure all the pieces are there and its not rotten. Hasn’t been used in a number of years.

Accomplishments for today –

  • Walked .42 miles, I know no even a half mile but I’ve got to build back up. I used to do 2.5 miles in 30 minutes. I plan on doing this every day now and hopefully build back up to at least a mile. by end of the month
  • Installed my truck bed cover, a Bakflip. It’s sweet and with locking tailgate fairly secure. It will help when we go camping

Tomorrows accomplishment will be to install weed block on a patio we are redoing and maybe get sand poured and leveled and then put on paverbase and throw on a few pavers. This has been a never ending project due to lack of decision and then it rained for a number of days, in July no less. Who could predict that. I’m going to take pictures at each step and post here.

Damn, should’ve taken pics of the Bakflip install. Oh well.

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