Working my way back

I’ve been working on putting together a set of acoustic songs. After Dennis’ passing, that whole idea of playing acoustic music out at local coffee houses and bars died with him.

But I’ve started putting together about an hours worth of stuff with the plan to get really good at that hour, complete with using my vocal pedal that allows for harmonies and such, and see where I can play. I know of one place, a pizza/bar that my buddy owns. He’d give me some time on his stage.

So that’s my current plan and what I’ve been doing the past few nights. Learning some easy bar-type sing-along songs that would work around a campfire or in a bar. Songs like Louie, Louie, Red Solo Cup and Brown Eyed Girl. Simple to play, fun to sing in a group. Even funner to sing as a drunk group.

But my fingers are hurting. I’ve not played this much guitar in quite a while and I’ve lost my callouses. So every night my fingers hurt as I slowly build the callouses back up. They’re sore right now as I type.

Whenver I get this thing kicked off I’ll have to get some video put up on my YouTube channel, assuming the copyright police don’t give me shit.

On a more depressing note, this past week we would’ve been on vacation in Destin FL if not for the Virus and my son getting sick. No beach this year. Perhaps a camping trip to Arkansas sometime soon.

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