Something in the meal

Sausage and Peppers

There is something in a couple of these Freshly meals that is really upsetting my stomach. Not all of them, seems to be a couple. I need to go look at the packaging and compare ingredients.

Tonight I had the Sausage and peppers meal, and taste-wise it was pretty good. But two hours later… beeline to the bathroom. Multiple times. For lunch I had the Chicken and Mac meal and there was no affect. So something is not agreeing with my stomach with some of these meals.

I’ll try another different meal for lunch tomorrow and see how it goes. If this continues, I may have to cancel the whole Freshly thing and go back to eating fast food junk.

Except for this evenings stomach issues, I felt pretty good today. I hadn’t been feeling all that hot since Sunday (stomach issues that night too), waking up with body and head aches and pains, major back pain. But this morning I woke feeling good, very little pain in the back. No head ache, chest soreness from lifting some heavy sand bags on Saturday gone.

This whole week was meant to be spent on the beach in Destin, FL. But with the virus causing havoc there and the status of my son, we cancelled the trip in time to get all our money back. Would’ve been nice to get away. Instead I’m working. *sigh*

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