Let’s Catch Up

Homestyle Chicken

So Freshly has not disappointed. Turns out the meals are pretty good and are perfectly portioned. I’ve enjoyed three different meals with the Homestyle Chicken being my favorite. Steak Peppercorn was also good and the Chicken Parm was adequate. I judged the Chicken Parm against an Olive Garden version and it was a little short. the mozzarella cheese did not sit on top of the chicken, it melted into the sauce and was a gooey, cheesy marinara sauce. Still good taste-wise, just not aesthetically appealing.

So what else has been going on. Its been four days since the last posting and its just been work. Some house cleaning. Some reading. Some You-Tube watching. The normal stuff. Oh and some mixing of some practice songs. My latest using Mixbus. I post all my stuff on Soundcloud so here is that song.

The Catalyst by The Gallery

There is some other stuff on there as well. Other mixes, and some of my own songs.

This past Friday was the anniversary of the death my best bud Dennis. I’d known Dennis since the 10th grade. That’s like 42 years. I can’t believe its been a year since his passing. I miss texting jokes and memes with him.

I learned how to pay the guitar in 6th grade and then put it aside until I met Dennis in the back of a high school Geometry class. It was Dennis who rekindled my guitar love and taught me so much. He taught me barre chords. We formed a band and jammed constantly. We had the same music taste – Kiss, Ted Nugent, Thin Lizzy, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Rush. And we learned songs from those bands and played them if front of friends and bars. We were Leaf, Second Chance and recently Rockenstein.

Dennis in the back

Recently we had plans to put together an acoustic duo but his health went south. He was in constant pain the last 6 months of his life. You see, two years earlier he lost his left leg. The year before that he had a tripe by-pass. Smoking had closed his arteries up to the point of no circulation. After surgeries and a prosthetic it still wasn’t enough. Infections and continued circulation issues did him in. He was found by his brother on his couch in his home, alone. I miss him and his wit.

With that somber note, I’ll close this post.

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