Started trying out a new meal service – Freshly – today. Been getting emails constantly from the company and finally checked it out and decided to give it a try.

Started with the 6 meals per week plan which came with a discount the first two weeks. So this first week is only $40. We received our first shipment yesterday and I took one of the dinners to work for lunch today.

I had the Steak Peppercorn with mashed potatoes, green beans and carrots for lunch. Quite a step up from my normal lunch fair. My opinion – it was good, not like restaurant good but really good for being cooked in a microwave. I was impressed. I kept thinking to myself – this is a lot of food and it was only 490 calories. So my first meal get a thumbs up.

The service is very convenient. There is an app on my phone or you can login to your account online. You set your menu every week or you can let it ride and get the same thing. These are dinner meals or in my case I used one for lunch since I already had dinner planned for tonight. It’s not a weight loss plan, its just good dinners that you heat up in microwave or stove and eat. There are quite a number of meal choices and I’ve got about 13 of them I’m interested in trying.

You only get charged by the week. Shipments come in a box packed in ice so they arrive cold and you keep refrigerated until ready to eat. You can cancel anytime or you can pause your shipments. So my next shipment is next Tuesday and I’ve already changed up my choices for next week. Trying out a number of other meals.

Tomorrow I’ll be trying the Homestyle Chicken, 590 calories.

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