Quarantine Completed!

It’s been 14 days since I could have potentially been exposed to Covid-19 by my middle son via my wife.  I guess I gotta drive into work now.  The grandson is also released to resume is week on week off with us and his mother.  So that’s good.  It’s been 3 weeks and although I love him to death, 3 weeks straight has been a challenge with a 5 year old.

I mean, before his parents (my oldest son) separated, we got to see him only on the weekend and then  he would spend one day and night with us.  We packed in a lot of activity that one day and night.  Trying to entertain a five year old for 3 straight weeks is… an achievement.  But we did it.  And me having to work from home 90% of the day.  The other 10% would involve swimming in the pool or wrestling with the grandson.

What now?  Well the world is still in that proverbial hand basket searching for a way into hell.  Wearing a mask is now the norm (or should be).  Venturing out is now even more dangerous with the virus mutated into an even more contagious strain.  Damn Chinese.

When this first started my initial comment on Facebook was that the Chinese were testing bio-weapons in their lab and one got away from them.  They do this a lot.  Seems every new virus comes from China.  WTF?  Could be they didn’t like the direction things were headed with Trump.  The economy was kicking ass, things were on the up, despite what your politics may be you gotta admit jobs were looking good and retirement accounts were plumping up nicely.  I think they did this on purpose and there will be hell to pay if that ever comes out.

Anyway, look at me blogging fairly regularly.

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