Almost Done

Day 12 completed of a self quarantine due to possible exposure to someone who tested positive for Covid.  That someone being my son, who was then around his mother who was then around me.  I saw my son for all of 5 minutes on Father’s Day (June 21) and that was from 15-20 feet across the room.  My wife on the other hand was the one who drove him to the ER son that Saturday morning (June 27) 12 days ago.

Come Saturday we will have completed 14 days of quarantine.  Working from home, hanging out with our grandson who got stuck with us an extra week, and generally just taking it easy.

We found out today that my son’s girlfriend finally got her test results from 12 days ago getting tested at CVS pharmacy.  She tested positive.  That means she had it same time as my son.  She did the quick blood test earlier this week and it came up negative.  So go figure.  It’s highly probable my son got the virus from her, and she got it from a child or parent at the day care she works the week before.  Hence the reason she had to get the test – the day care was informed, which triggered all their employees needing testing.  Unfortunately it took TWO WEEKS for CVS to get the results back.  Meanwhile she was in contact with my son and also came by our house.  C’mon CVS.

In the end, she never really got sick.  My son got sick but he never showed any virus symptoms.  But we think his sickness was from the diabetes that snuck up on him.  The diabetes could’ve triggered a positive virus test results.

So did the diabetes trigger a positive test result or did the virus trigger the diabetes?  I’ve read articles saying both.  Will we ever know?  I doubt it.  You can’t get two Doctors to agree on a treatment plan both during and after the virus.

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