Subdued holiday

Well, 4th of July has come and gone.  No BBQ with the family, no driving out to watch fireworks.  And now, I’ve started my second week of self quarantine.  I guess if nothing pops up by this Friday I can consider myself virus free.

Meanwhile my son has been adapting to his new role as a diabetic.  He’s lost the cough he had when he left the hospital.  I would give him two weeks of no flare up and consider him virus free as well.  He’s getting into a routine for his diabetes and has a new doctor and a visit coming up.  So he’s on a nice glide path.

We were supposed to attend a wedding this Saturday for my nephew, that ain’t happening.  On top of us being quarantined, they found out today that one of the bridesmaid has tested positive.  And they had a big bridal shower last week.  yikes.

We cancelled our beach vacation to Destin, FL.  Probably was a wise decision.  Looks like Florida is closing bars and beaches left and right to try and stop the spread of the virus.  And it doesn’t hurt that I’m saving $4K.

What a frickin’ year its been.  Is there no end in sight?


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