Feeling blessed today

My son got released from the hospital this morning!  Yay!  He was told to quarantine himself for at least 72 hours and be symptom free and he should be fine.  I would’ve preferred they run another covid test.  He’s locking himself in his apartment for a week.  So this time next Friday he should be able to come over and swim with us.

Meanwhile he has to get into an eating pattern for his diabetes.  Test, eat, insulin shot, repeat.  It’s definitely a life change for him and his girlfriend, and us.  He’s always been in good health, not overweight (skinny even), eats fairly healthy.  Still weird that he becomes a diabetic.  Thank goodness he is still on my health insurance.

My father -in-law is a diabetic, and we always have to watch out for him and make sure he doesn’t go into a daze.  I remember one episode where he didn’t test before leaving work and ended up going into a haze where he could still drive his car but couldn’t control where.  He ended up leaving his job in downtown Austin (TX) and driving straight up highway I35 (a major highway running north) and ending up in a ditch 50 miles north of Austin.  Scary shit.  There have been a number of minor episodes where he’ll space out and you have to give him a candy bar or a coke to get him back.

My brother was diagnosed diabetic 3 weeks ago.  He’s having to learn the whole pattern.  He is not overweight but he does not eat healthy so his diagnosis is out of the blue at 56 years old.  So this has been a strange, stressful month.

So glad my son is looking healthy and in good spirits.  We’ll look back on his hospitalization and all this pandemic activities in the future and wonder how this all could happen on such a large scale, affecting so many lives.

If you’ve read this far – wear a mask when in public around strangers or at work.  It does help.  And wash your hands constantly.

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