I’ve Got Something to Say

Time to start getting more regular in my postings.  Facebook is great for sharing photos and seeing what family and friends are up to, but I’d like to say more.  I used to say more when I had my blog years ago.  So I’m going to comment on stuff and what’s going on and leave it at that.  If you happened on this blog by random coincidence, welcome.

Two weekends ago I went to my first comic book convention.  I wouldn’t call this a convention.  It was pretty small but it was a great one to start with.  Lots of comic vendors and toy vendors.  A couple of handfuls of local COS players.  over 10 writers and artists, some that I know and  enjoy their work.  I went with my oldest son and grand kids.  It was a great little starter experience.  I think I could be ready for a bigger convention now.  I don’t like crowds so this one was right up my alley.  And the kids enjoyed it.  we were there 2 hours and took photos with a number of COS players.  Picked up a bunch of Funko POP figures.  I’ve started a 1966 Batman collection.

So this past weekend, on Friday the wife and I attended a concert.  Frampton and the Steve Miller Band.  Two iconic rock heroes from the 70’s.  I  saw Peter Frampton back in 1979 when I was attending USM.  Had 2nd row seats which was pretty cool.  Frampton opened the show and played all his hits and of course the whole talkbox thing.  He is still a great guitarist even without his hair.  What really made the show special was the stories he told about the past.  Great stuff.

I had never seen Steve Miller so this was a treat.  We used to listen to his album (8 track actually) Book of Dreams when we’d head out on the school bus to play a football game.  Good times.  Steve Miller played all his hits and like Peter Frampton he added stories behind songs or behind the Sitar he bought for $125 that he played.  What I really thought was cool was bringing out Peter Frampton and they played two blues numbers.  I had to giggle.  the people there to see him play his radio hits didn’t know what to think.  This girl 3 rows in front of us had to stop dancing and sit down.  Which brings me to two pet peeves:

  1. people who come to a concert and then talk during it.  two ladies sitting right behind me spent the first two songs of Framptons set talking about their mothers and other stupid shit.  Arrgh!
  2. people who stand up in front of you dancing our just fucking standing there with their hands in their pockets.  Jesus Christ.

Steve Miller and Peter Frampton were entertaining and I’m glad we got the floor tickets and saw them.

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