Testing, Testing.  Is this thing on?

It’s me, 5 years later.  Can’t believe this blog is still active and I can still post stuff on it.  I think this just may be the outlet I need to release my opinions and frustrations.  Facebook just isn’t the spot for that.  Facebook is like a family photo album with advertisements and/or a place to find old girlfriends and buddies and try to reconnect. 

Ever wonder how many divorces Facebook has caused thanks to that ability to find old flames, or the one that got away?

So in the past 5 years all my kids are grown and I’ve become an ATM machine.  But I feel blessed.  My parents are still around, my kids and wife are healthy, my grand kids are healthy.  Everyone is well adjusted and no drama.

Things I would like to see:

  1. My oldest son getting a better paying job with benefits.  Either get a degree or learn a trade so he can move up and provide for his family without my support.
  2. My middle son getting a degree or learning a trade and successfully moving out on his own
  3. My youngest son completing his final 2 years of college and getting a good paying job and start paying off his student loans.

In addition to the above I’d like to get out of credit card debt,  Just this year we’ve racked up a bunch of debt due to car repairs, house improvements and my own self indulgence with a new TV, sound system, Mac computer and recording stuff.  And now we have a big beach vacation coming up that was charged on the credit card.  Ouch.

I want to keep this blog thing going so we’ll see how this works.

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